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Elon Musk Trolls Jeff Bezos and Says He’Can’t Get It Up’ Amid Battle Over SpaceContract

Jeff Bezos is upset that Elon Musk’s adversary space organization won a $2.9 billion agreement to assemble a moon lander for NASA. Elon couldn’t avoid dissing his rival.

The multi-very rich people are battling! Elon Musk couldn’t avoid making fun of Jeff Bezos, after Elon’s SpaceX organization prevailed upon Jeff’s Blue Origin organization in an offering battle more than a $2.9 billion agreement from NASA to construct a moon lander for the Artemis moon program, which will permit 18 space travelers to make missions to the moon.

Jeff’s Blue Origin organization is currently attempting to request Elon’s triumph with a 50-page fight that it documented with the Government Accountability Office on April 26, as per The New York Times.

After information on the dissent broke on Monday, Elon put on his savaging cap to the detriment of Jeff’s misfortune. “Can’t get it up (to circle) haha,” the Tesla author tweeted.

Indeed, the third most extravagant individual on the planet utilized an insinuation to ridicule the No. 1 most extravagant individual on the planet.

Nonetheless, Elon’s diss was not simply attempting to be awkward — it was likewise a hit at the way that the rockets from Jeff’s Blue Origin organization presently can’t seem to arrive at circle, since Jeff established the organization in 2000.

In the mean time, SpaceX dispatched four space travelers for NASA on its Crew Dragon container on April 23, and the team docked with the International Space Station on April 24. SpaceX dispatched its initial space explorers into space in May of 2020.

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