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Justin Bieber Shows Off Dreadlocks InNew Photos and Fans Have Mixed Feelings

That is an intense hair decision for 2021, Justin Bieber. The ‘Peaches’ artist flaunted his developing dreadlocks, which left a few fans asking, ‘what befallen your hair?’

Justin Bieber subtitled the Instagram photographs he posted on Sunday (Apr. 25) with two palm trees, showing that the 27-year-old artist was an extended get-away.

Furthermore, similar to the generalization of a school coed getting twists when she spends her Spring Break in the Caribbean (Cornrows: A Bahamas Vacation Thing composed the Washington Post in 1998), Justin chose to break out the dreadlocks.

This isn’t the first occasion when that Justin had such a haircut, however for a few, it was as yet a stun. “What befell your hair dear?” asked one fan in the remarks.

“We love you, however what is that????” “No.” “WTF.” “Goodness.” “WHAT IS THIS.” “Ummmm… .” “Justin, what is this LMAOOO.” Such were the cynics, yet Justin got some help. “He is an extended get-away,” composed Karla Welch, while rapper Lil Gnar remarked, “Fears going up.” “I love it,” composed Bieber associate Nick DeMoura, while Kyle Massey called Justin a “Remarkable person.”

Fans really got a first glance at Justin’s new hair hours before these photographs when he posted a fix of him sunbathing close by Hailey Bieber (née Baldwin). “Back in real life,” a shirtless Justin subtitled the shot, his better half relaxing on a sea shore towel while wearing a green swimsuit dabbed with blossoms.

The show showed how Justin’s hair was being prepped into locks, however for reasons unknown, there was no objection in the remarks segment of these photographs.

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